Version 2.0.1
June 28, 2018

Quick update that includes bug fixes for version 2.0, the most important one is IE10/11 browser support - now all layouts work fine in IE10+. Here is a list of changes:

// # List of fixed
// ------------------------------

[fixed]  Flexbox layout is broken in IE10 and IE11
[fixed]  Right aligned custom checkers are misaligned
[fixed]  Multiselect menu should have 100% width by default
[fixed]  Sectioned sidebar with custom background color has wrong background in collapsed mode
Version 2.0
June 20, 2018

Bootstrap 4 version has its own changelog, because 2 Bootstrap version are completely different. Major part of components have been customized in order to support BS4 and flexbox layout, so components from BS3 can be used in this version. Since all components are the same in all layouts, the template now supports 1 main layout and 4 child layouts - this means only 1st layout includes all components, child layouts include only layout-related files. This makes maintenance easy and fast. Main highlights:

  • Adapted 3rd party components
  • Latest versions of all main libraries
  • Built with SCSS
  • Improved gulp tasks
  • Based on flexbox model
  • Single set of assets for all layouts
  • Moved to modular JS pattern
  • All bugfixes and improvements from BS3 are included
  • Updated all examples
  • High attention to details
  • Improved file structure
  • Improved starter kit
  • Improved vertical navigation
  • Improved multi level navigation in navbar
  • Mega menu has been extended
  • Improved performance
  • Removed old and unmaintained libraries
  • Single SCSS configuration file with all components
  • Improved theming support
  • Simple style editing
  • ... and much more
Important note: since every single line of code is completely different from Bootstrap 3 version, there's no any migration guide: markup, class names, source files, pre-processors and logic are different. But both versions have their own extensive documentation. Bootstrap 3 is officially in maintenance mode since 2017 and from now on I am mainly focused on extending and improving BS4 version.