External events

Add extended dragging functionality with droppable option. Data can be attached to the element in order to specify its duration when dropped. A Duration-ish value can be provided. This can either be done via jQuery or via an data-duration attribute. Please note: since droppable option operates with jQuery UI draggables, you must download the appropriate jQuery UI files and initialize a draggable element.

Draggable Events
Sauna and stuff
Lunch time
Meeting with Fred
Daily routine
RTL support

FullCalendar library also supports RTL text direction, useful for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. To display the calendar in right-to-left mode, set isRTL plugin option to true. This option switches class in calendar container to .fc-rtl and changes the layout accordingly to the specific css styles. RTL version supports all features and options available in LTR mode.