Basic functionality

Search plugin provides an easy interface to perform data search across Handsontable. First thing you should do, is enabling the plugin by setting the search option to true. When enabled, searchPlugin exposes a new method query(queryStr), where queryStr is a string to find within the table. By default, the search is case insensitive.

Custom search result class

By default searchPlugin adds htSearchResult class to every cell which isSearchResult property is true. You can change this class using searchResultClass option. If you wish to change the result class globally (for all Handsontable instances on the page), you can use method.

Custom query method

The queryMethod is responsible for determining whether a queryStr matches the value stored in a cell. It takes 2 arguments: queryStr and cellData. The first is a string passed to query() method. The second is a value returned by getDataAtCell(). The queryMethod function should return true if there is a match.

Custom callback

After calling queryMethod, searchPlugin calls callback(instance, rowIndex, colIndex, cellData, testResult) for every cell. The default callback is responsible for setting the isSearchResult property, so if you want to preserve this functionality, be sure to invoke Handsontable.Search.DEFAULT_CALLBACK inside your custom callback.

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